Save the Earth -- Sacrifice Nothing

Company Profile

Green Earth Technologies (GET) is “purpose” driven. With American consumers losing their confidence in big business, conscious capitalism strives to be a wake-up call for free enterprise to return to its innovative and empowering roots:

Higher Purpose
  • The company exists to help the world in some way
Stakeholder Integration
  • There are no trade-offs among investors, employees, customers or suppliers
Conscious Leadership
  • Management is motivated to live and breathe the purpose and create value for stakeholders
Conscious Culture
  • Empowerment, collaboration and purpose reign high


There are very few "green" products available on the shelves for consumers who are willing to “do their part” to choose from; and, those products that are available are either not green, too expensive or don’t work…or any combination of the three. Our goal over the past few years was to provide a comparable “green” product at comparable price VS traditional products within in the same category designation to demonstrate whether or not consumers would choose the “green” choice. We even coined the phrase which became our motto “SAVE THE EARTH – SACRIFICE NOTHING” meaning that consumers and customers alike should not have to give up value or performance when choosing to go “green”. We proved this as we gained and maintained distribution within our country’s largest retailers and, through our efforts, made “green” the LOGICAL CHOICE.


Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (G.E.T.) (OTCQB: GETG) is a totally green clean tech company that combines domestically sourced renewable feed stocks with proprietary technologies molded around the four ideologies of being GREEN: biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and environment safe:

There are several levels of biodegradability as determined by ASTM with "Ultimate Biodegradable" as the highest ranking standard (2.1 ASTM D-5864) that states 60% of a product must degrade within 28 days.
GET-Products replace the petrochemical base of traditional appearance and performance chemicals with an Ultimate Biodegradable bio base made with plants or animal fat. It is sustainable and can be collected domestically with grown beef, pork, chicken fat and plant oils.. Plant & animal fats GET recycled to make a highly demanded product in place of foreign oil.
"G" branded bottles are 100% recyclable and made with 30% post-consumer recyclable plastics. Our labels are printed with water based inks on recycled paper. Certain G-OIL products are made with twice refined recycled base stocks and all G-OIL products are compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils. Return used oil to containment centers.
Chemicals, when stored or transported use a diamond shape diagram of symbols and numbers to indicate the degree of hazard associated with a particular chemical or material. The degree of health hazard of a material should indicate the degree of personal protective equipment required for working safely with the material; "0" is harmless, "1" requires safety glasses and gloves, "2" requires chemical goggles, work smock and local ventilation and "3" or "4" requires a respirator, full face shield, rubber apron, specialized gloves and handling tongs. When it comes to health or toxicity, GET-Products score a "0"!

Branded as G-OIL® and G-CLEAN®, G.E.T. produces a full line of “clean & green” American made environmentally preferred lubricants and cleaning products that allows concerned consumers who care about the environment and American energy independence to do their part without sacrificing value or performance – “SAVE the EARTH – SACRIFICE NOTHING”

G.E.T. products are available at Grainger, online at and at a variety of retailers and lube centers, including: Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Menards, The Canadian Tire Corporation, National Auto Stores, Lex Brodie's Tire Company, Honest One, Do It Best and participating ACE & True Value dealers. Please visit for the latest news and in depth information about G.E.T and their brands

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