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2XR Conventional

Change your Oil, Change the World™

G-OIL 2X Refined Conventional GREEN Motor oil provides superior performance protection, exceeding the highest North American standards for performance, including fuel economy, advanced wear protection and reduced vehicle emissions while protecting your engine under the toughest driving conditions.

G-OIL is the GREEN SOLUTION for all gasoline engines requiring conventional or semi synthetic motor oil, keeping pollutants out of the environment as well as reducing carbon emissions and our dependence on foreign oil…satisfaction guaranteed!

Whether "topping off" or returning your used oil to a collection center, G-OIL is compatible with all other motor oils.

Type Renewable/Reusable Base Stock Degree of Toxicity Degree of Biodegradability
G-OIL 2XR Conventional YES (Reusable Group II Base Stocks) Moderate LOW
Satisfies EPA required 25% re-refined base stocks and California EPA required 75% re-refined base stocks

Available Sizes

1 QT
5 QT
55 Gallon Dr

Available Weights


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