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Well Stimulation

Unlike toluene or diesel treatments, G-CLEAN Well Wake Up is not a solvent and will never mix with or degrade the oil…as after treatment of the oil is not compromised and is fully compatible with production facilities as well as refining processes. It is an oil well stimulation solution with formulations specifically engineered to break down the paraffin or asphaltenes, and remove the build up from the well. In the case of condensate blockage, the product disperses the water blockage. In all cases, G-CLEAN Well Wake Up is designed to increase well production.

The amount of product necessary will vary depending on the depth of the well and the size of the bore and specific down-hole conditions as well as the type of crude and substantiation of specific formation restrictions. Once a diagnosis is made, then the process involves either diluting the product with water prior to pumping, or pumping the fluid undiluted down the well (for asphaltene & paraffin obstacles, dilute A and then B at the same dilution rate and pump down separately, one after the other), recirculating the well and then allowing 12-24 hours of “soaking” or dwell time under pressure. G-CLEAN Well Wake Up products are delivered in highly concentrated forms (why pay the freight to ship water?); and, depending on the treatment or application, are activated on-site through the dilution with water…either fresh water or salt water.

Upon completion of treatment, the oil and the contaminants will be pumped out with the initial flow into a 'baker' or holding tank whereby it can be easily separated for disposal or bio-remediation.

G-CLEAN Well Wake-UP!

G-CLEAN Paraffin Remedy PART A&B
Treatment for the stimulation and cleaning of wells with asphaltene obstructions
G-CLEAN Asphaltene Remedy PART A&B
Treatment for the stimulation and cleaning of wells with paraffin obstruction

A two product application, Part A and Part B that works best as part of a comprehensive service plan. Dilute product with water at least 10:1 and up to 50:1 (10 parts to 50 parts hot water between 160 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit) and one part product and pump down the well according to predetermined procedure. "A" must be used with "B" and both need to be diluted separately at the same dilution rate. Part A gets pumped down the well bore first, followed by Part B. The two parts should never be added together prior to pumping down the well bore, but will mix together once down the well.

G-CLEAN Condensate Remedy
Treatment for the stimulation and cleaning of wells with water obstruction
An in between treatment for the stimulation and cleaning of wells with all obstructions

A non-diluted application is done to remove rings of condensate blockages in deficient or clogged wells through the use of a pump surface, a unit of flexible tubing or a repair drill equipped with insulation and a cleaning tool plug.

A non-diluted post stimulation application to remove subsequent obstructions can then be applied through a surface pump after original stimulation with any of the above one part or two part remedies.

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