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G-CLEAN Oil & Well Service Product lineup


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Green Earth Technologies is pleased to present a full range of products specifically engineered to help overcome the oil and gas challenges of working in the world’s oil fields. Increased energy demands have expanded the obstacles faced by the Oil and Gas industry as they try to preserve and do "no harm" to the delicate eco-system when drilling wells. G-CLEAN's complete line of oil field products are a 'natural fit' as they will clean, optimize and restore profitability and safety to the industry and our environment.

Whether restoring tired non-producing oil wells, treating fracing water or simply cleaning and degreasing oil field rigs and equipment, the G-CLEAN assortment of well service products will help make the oil fields a cleaner-greener environment.

After a spill, during stimulation or when cleaning, hydrocarbons are subjected to physiochemical processes such as evaporation or photochemical oxidation which produce changes in oil composition. But the most important process acting on the oil is biodegradation. It is well established that most crude oils are biodegradable to an extent, especially components as short linear alkanes or simple aromatic hydrocarbons. However, the heavy fraction (made of long-chain saturated and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and a considerable fraction of asphaltenes and resins) is generally recalcitrant to degradation. Crude oil and subsequent refined oils find their way into the marine ecosystem where the natural populations of oxidizing micro biota are generally overcome and succumb to the spilled oil.

G-CLEAN oilfield application products are formulated to enhance the response of the natural bacterial population after the spill and to exponentially speed up oil degradation taking place at the contaminated sites.

G-CLEAN oilfield products upon application create a non-reversible "NANO" emulsion. The oils biodegradation components are mainly CO2, nitrogen and micro carbon, that along with other components are reduced to an extremely small size (1-4 nanometers) and become the food source for resident bacteria.

Our mission is to revolutionize how our partners meet their production, maintenance and spill remediation challenges with solutions that enhance production, eliminate unnecessary costs and keep their people and the environment safer.

Each of our products is manufactured from plant-based ingredients and so, in addition to working effectively, they are renewable, non-hazardous, and are ultimately biodegradable

All products are delivered in a highly concentrated form and, where instructed, can be diluted with water on site for the application. Delivery packaging is 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or 330 gallon totes based on partner’s volumes, dilutions and preference.

When used as a part of a comprehensive maintenance program, G-CLEAN's innovative products will reduce man hours, reduce the need for transportation of waste fluids and greatly reduce the VOC's present in the well environment. Non-flammable, non-corrosive and odor free, these highly concentrated products will not react with other chemistries and contain no ozone depleting substances. All G-CLEAN Oil Field Products are made from renewable resources, are Ultimate Biodegradable and are safe for people, pets, plants and the planet.

G-CLEAN products are Ultimate Biodegradable*, non-toxic and cost effective, offering an innovative way for worker protection, renewable and safe alternative cleaning and well stimulation methodologies while helping companies implement policies and procedures that appeal to environmental regulatory agencies

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