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Tank Cleaning

Storage tanks accumulate solids and water over time since crude oil contains basic sediment and water (BS&W). These tanks must be cleaned for maintenance and periodic inspection as “inspection” of these tanks may be part of a regular maintenance program or mandated by regulation or legislation. In the case of California Assembly Bill 1960 (AB1960), non-destructive testing is required on a regular basis on both working and idle tanks in order to discover potential tank failures and avert spills. Tanks may also require cleaning to maximize available storage capacity, make repairs, reconfigure or even remove from service.

G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner is both an effective oil tank cleaner and bio-remediation agent for cleaning waste. When activated with water, the product forms an emulsion of nano-sized micelles that penetrate the hydrocarbon mass, thus reducing the viscosity and allowing it to be readily pumped from the tank, typically to an API pit or portable tank (i.e. “frac” tank). The waste product is then bio-remediated so that it can be used as fill dirt or road amendment. The inherent safety of the product allows oil tanks to be cleaned with a limited requirement for personnel entry and a reduction in the number or required confined space entries, enhancing employee safety while effectively cleaning the tank.

The bio-degradation products are CO2, nitrogen and micro-carbon (2 to 4 Nanometers)

What is Rig & Equipment Cleaner?

G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner is a unique blend non-toxic plant base ingredients that form a colloidal suspension of Nano-sized cleaning particles called micelles

How does it work?

Activated by mixing with water, the micelles are Nano-sized particles each with a hydrophobic and hydrophilic tail. These tails cause the micelles to repel each other which leads to random movement of the particles. Their small size and very high surface area-to-volume ration enable them to penetrate large, complex hydrocarbon molecules which are thus broken down into smaller molecules and held in a colloidal suspension which readily rinses off tank surfaces, leaving them clean and ready for inspection by visual inspection and non-destructive testing.

This product must be diluted with water to activate it

G-Clean® Storage Tank Cleaner is diluted on site and works effectively to provide fast and complete cleaning of hydrocarbons from storage tanks. Optimum cleaning means accuracy when utilizing non-destructive methods to measure tank wall and floor thickness. In addition, this ultimately biodegradable cleaner encapsulates harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the cleaning process. The net effect is that the cleaning solution is not only cost effective but safe for both the environment and the people who apply it.

Tests have proven that G-CLEAN Storage Tank Cleaner can reduce over-all tank clean-up costs when compared to conventional tank cleaning methods.

Study Conducted by E&B Natural Resources
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