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Fire Retardant

G-CLEAN Fire Retardant is a unique blend of plant derived, water-based ingredients specifically formulated to prevent brush fires in areas where grinding and hot work activities are taking place. G-CLEAN Fire Retardant should be applied prior to the start of work in the area.

The product is diluted on site, typically at a ratio of one part product to 15 parts water; and then, applied to any flammable vegetation in and around the work area with a portable sprayer or pressure washer. Application should be made using long sweeping, overlapping strokes to ensure complete coverage. The product will render flammable materials "non-flammable" and the treatment will last 4 times longer than plain water. This means that not only will fire prevention be enhanced, but there is no requirement to expend people resources as often to retreat the area when using water.

Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, re-application should be done as necessary.

Oil field fires can result in loss of production and significant equipment repair costs. Most fires are started accidently typically during maintenance operations. It is important, especially at remote work sites to employ fire prevention treatments.  While water can be used, it dries very quickly and also requires frequent reapplication.  The labor cost for reapplication can add up and, where there is fire, water may not be available and transportation costs to remote sites for fire protection can be substantial.

Use G-CLEAN Fire Retardant treatment for preventive measures where "fire" is high risk

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Fire Retardant

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